* Denotes Producer and Engineer


    Tex Williams  " Smokin' Country Songs, The Lost Tracks

 * The Dillards "Old Road New Again"

                featuring Don Henley, Bernie Leadon,

           Ricky Skaggs, The Whites, Herb Petersen,                                     Johnny Hiland,and Sam Bush                                          # 1 Album Download Apple/Amazon

          Album Entered Billboard #1

           Singles " EarthMan" & "Always Gonna Be You"

                       #1   Billboard


  Craig Duncan "Bluegrass Swing"

  Rex Allen Jr. " Then and Now"

  Rex Allen " America's Last Singing Cowboy"

* Ralph Stanley 2 and The Clinch  Mountain Boys

                   "Lord Help Me  Find The Way"

      #1 a few times Billboard

   April Verch " Once A Day "

    2020 Juno " Traditional Roots Album 

        of the Year"

* Chris Monaghan "Drive Right In"


  Craig Duncan "A Thankful Heart "

   2018 Dove Award, Instrumental Album of the Year

   97 projects with Craig Duncan, majority not listed


* Price Sisters "A Heart Never Knows"

   #8 album of the Year 2018 "Country Music People"

          Magazine UK

    2018  IBMA Album "Layout of the Year"


*Carol Markstrom "Desert Rose"

          Academy of Western Artists

         "Top 5 Western Album of the Year 2018"

       Rural Roots Music Commission

       "Won: Western Album of the Year 2018"

      # 1 Album on the Chart

       Top #3 Single "Bandita"  by Mentor Williams

       Top #7 SIngle " Too Bad  This Town

                                     Ain't  In Texas"

                  By Stan Lawrence and Bil VornDick

 *Susan Shann "Rhythm of the Road"


*Chris Monaghan "Just  Me"

*Libby Koch "Just Move On"


Andy Leftwich "Hymns"


*Roadside Attraction


*Jeff Scroggins and Colorado " Ramblin Feels Good"


Marty Robbins  "The Legend/Come Back to Me "


*Jon Pousette-Dart  "Talk"


*Ben Mathis "Feels Like Home"


Mill Pond Moon


*Lost and Nameless "When You Walked Into

the Room"




Leaf Rapids "Lucky Stars"


Big Dave McLean "Faded But Not Gone"


Levi Cuss  "Night Thief"


Earls of Leicester

#1 Billboard and Amazon in Sales

( Won- Grammy 2014 Best Bluegrass Album )

IBMA "Album of the Year 2015"

IBMA "Gospel Recorded Performance"


Southern Raised


*Lost and Nameless "Empty Spaces"


Yarn   "Shine the Light On"


*Colin MacKay  "Do  What You Love"


*Hillbenders  "Can You Hear Me"


*HanaLena   "HanaLena" 


Craig Duncan  "Country Mountain"


*Milk Drive   "WAVES"


*Yarn   "Almost Home" 


*Richie Owens and The Farm Bureau

"In Farm We Trust"


*Jim Horn "Voices From the Water"


Rhonda Vincent & Gene Watson

"Your Money and My Good Looks"


Doug Cox "Slide to Freedom"


Buddy Greene  "Harmonica Anthology"


*Bob Dylan "The Bootleg Series Vol. 8

“Lonesome River"


*Jan Reitman "Little Bit Longer"


Sarah Darling "Angels & Devils"


Craig Duncan "Irish"”


Charlie McCoy  "Classic Country"


Charlie McCoy  "Classic Country  Hymns"


*Harpeth Rising “Dead Man’s Hand"


*Milk Drive "Road From Home”"


Tut Taylor "Philabuster"


Jerry Douglas "Jerry Christmas"


Rhonda Vincent "Taken"

(#1 Billboard Album October 2010)


*Jesse Winchester "Loves Filling Station"


*Dixie Bee Liners "Susanville"


Charlie Haden and Family "Ramblin Boy"

(Grammy Finalist 2008 Country Instrumental America w/ Pat Matheny)


Jerry Douglas "Glide"

(Grammy Finalist 2008, Country Instrumental)

"Two Small Cars in Rome"


*LisaBeth Weber "The Fire Tower Sessions"


John Oates "1000 Miles of Life"


*Belleville Outfit "Time to Tell"


Rhonda Vincent "Good Thing Going”


*Jennifer Brantley "Breakdown”


"Hands Across the Water" w/ Various Artists


*Belleville Outfit "Wondering"


Maura O’Conner "Don’t I Know"


*Dixie Bee Liners "Ripe"

Bluegrass Album of the Year 2008, RMA #1 Single

on 4 Charts "Down On The Crooked Road,"

Video "Down On The Crooked Road"


*Lynn Anderson "The Bluegrass Sessions"

(Grammy Finalist 2004, Bluegrass Album of the Year)


*Janie Fricke "The Bluegrass Sessions"


New Grass Revival "Best of the New Grass Revival"


Kathy Hussey


Jim Lauderdale "Headed to the Hills"


Rhonda Vincent "Beautiful Star"


Carmel Sheerin & the Ravens


Dave Hawkins "Manchester Mornings"


*"Return to Cold Mountain" Jim Lauderdale, David Holt, Malcolm Holcolm, Bryan Sutton, many more.


*Dave Matthews Tribute (Hard Rock Collective)


*Phish Tribute JamGrass Tribute


Rhonda Vincent "One Step Ahead"

(Grammy Finalist 2003 “Bluegrass Album of the Year, “# 4 CMT Video 2003 # 2 Billboard, # 1 BU & BN)


*Ralph Stanley II "Stanley Blues"

(Grammy Finalist 2002 “Bluegrass Album of the Year”)


Jim Lauderdale "Bluegrass"


Bryan Sutton "Bluegrass Guitar"

(WON IBMA 2003 “Guitar Player of the Year”)


Aubrey Haynie "The Bluegrass Fiddle Album"

(WON IBMA 2003 “Instrumental Album of the Year”)


*Pine Mountain Railroad "Old Radio"


Jerry Douglas "Look Out for Hope"


Coyote Dax "Necesito Country"

(#1 album Spain)


"MerleFest Live 2003" Rickey Skaggs, Doc Watson, etc


"MerleFest Live DVD 2002" Patty Loveless,

Jerry Douglas, Doc Watson, etc


Michael Farr "Thankful"


*The Biscuit Boys "The Biscuit Boys"


*Daybreak "First Light"

(#1 listed Bluegrass album of the year 2002 CMT)


*Acoustic Syndicate "Terra Firma"

(#1 Album Americana of 2003 WNCW)


*Acoustic Syndicate "Crazy Little Life"

(#1 Americana Album of 2002 WNCW)


Acoustic Syndicate "Tributaries"


*Dave Peterson & 1946


*Ralph Stanley "Clinch Mountain Sweethearts"

(Grammy Finalist 2001 “Bluegrass Album of the Year”, WON IBMA 2002 “Recorded Event of the Year”)


*Ralph Stanley "Clinch Mountain Country"

(Guest artists: Bob Dylan, Junior Brown, Patti Loveless, George Jones, Alison Krauss, John Anderson, Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Claire Lynch,

Ricky Skaggs, Joe Diffie, Hal Ketchum, Kentucky Headhunters, Marty Raybon, Tim O’Brien, Dwight Yoakum, Diamond Rio, Gillian Welch, to name a few. 32 artists in all. #1 album of the year 1998 Rolling Stone, Jan 21st 1999 Peter Wolf Review #1 album and single in BU for two months straight Jan. Feb. 1999, Grammy Finalist 1998 Bluegrass Album of the Year”, Single "Pretty Polly" Duet with Patty Loveless on charts for over 1 year, WON IBMA “Album of the Year 1999,” WON IBMA “ Recorded Event of the Year 1999)


Jesse Winchester "Gentleman of Leisure"


Bela Fleck "Left of Cool"

(WON Grammy 2000 Jazz Album of the Year)


Bela Fleck "Tales From the Acoustic Planet Vol. II“ The Bluegrass Sessions"

(Grammy Finalist 1999 “Bluegrass Album of the Year”)


Bela Fleck "Tales From the Acoustic Planet" “(Grammy Finalist 1994) "Cheeseballs In Cowtown" (Best Country Instrumental Performance)


Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

"Three Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"


Bela Fleck & the Flecktones "UFO TOFU"

(Grammy Finalist 1992 Instrumental Composition)

"Magic Fingers"


Bela Fleck & the Flecktones

"Flight of the Cosmic Hippo"

(Grammy Finalist 1991, Contemporary Jazz Album Grammy Finalist 1991, Instrumental Composition),

"Blu Blop" Single and Video "Turtle Rock" (#1 Album Cont. Jazz Chart Billboard September 25th 1991)


Bela Fleck & the Flecktones "Sinister Minister"

(Single & Video Grammy Finalist 1990),

"Sinister Minister" (Instrumental Composition)


James Taylor "Ridin’ The Grand” Soundtrack

National Audubon Society Film 1994


Doc Watson "On Praying Ground"

(WON Grammy 1990 Traditional Folk Recording,

Best Gospel Recording NAIRD 1991)


*Alison Krauss "I've Got That Old Feeling"

(WON Grammy 1990, Best Bluegrass Recording, WON Female Vocalist 1990 & 1991 IBMA,

WON Entertainer of the Year IBMA 1991,

WON Album of the Year 1991 IBMA, National video "I've Got That Old Feeling" #1 BU Chart,

CMT Independent Video of the Year 1991 "Steel Rails" #1 BU Chart WON First Place for Bluegrass Recording NAIRD 1991)


*Alison Krauss "Now That I’ve Found You"



Mark O'Connor "The New Nashville Cats"

(WON Grammy 1991 Best Country Instrumental Performance)


Mark O'Connor "Heros"

(Grammy Finalist 1993 Best Country Instrumentalist Performance) "Gold Rush with Byron Berline"


Doc Watson "My Dear Old Southern Home"

(Grammy Finalist 1991 Best Traditional Folk Album)


*Judith Edelman "Perfect World"

(Billboard pick album of the Year)


*Judith Edelman "Only Sun"


Alison Brown "ABQ"


Alison Brown "Out of the Blue"


Michael Card "Star Kindler"

(Dove Finalist 1999)


Connie Dover "The Border of Heaven"


Amazing Grace II

(Grammy Winner Best Country Gospel Album)


Nashville Bluegrass Band

"Waitin' for the Hard Times to Go"

(WON Grammy 1993, Best Bluegrass Album, Bluegrass Album of the Year 1993 NAIRD)


Nashville Bluegrass Band "Home of the Blues"

(Grammy Finalist 1991 Best Bluegrass Recording)


T. Bone Burnett "The Criminal Under My Hat" (Grammy Finalist 1992, Best Contemporary Folk Album)


Michelle Shocked "Arkansas Traveler"

(Recorded Alison’s vocals), Grammy Finalist 1992 (Best Contemporary Folk Album)


Maura O'Connell "Stories"


Maura O'Connell "Blue is the Color of Hope"


Shawn Lane "Power of Ten"


*Jessie Winchester "Humor Me"

(Adult Contemporary Album of the Year NAIRD 1989)


Jerry Douglas "Restless on the Farm”"


Jerry Douglas "Slide Rule"

(Grammy Finalist 1992 Country Instrumental, Grammy Finalist 1992 Bluegrass Album of the Year,

WON IBMA Instrumental Recording of the Year 1992,

WON IBMA Recorded Event of the Year 1992)


Jerry Douglas "The Great Dobro Sessions"

(WON Grammy 1995 Best Bluegrass Album,

WON IBMA 1995 Recorded Event and

Instrumental Recording)


Jerry Douglas "Plant Early"

(Grammy Finalist 1989 Country Instrumental)


Jerry Douglas "Changing Channels"

(Grammy Finalist 1987 Country Instrumental)


Jerry Douglas "Under the Wire"

(Grammy Finalist 1986 Country Instrumental)


Doc Watson "Portrait"


Doc Watson "Bluegrass"


New Grass Revival "Hold To A Dream"

(WON Album of the Year Frets 1988)


*Alison Krauss & Union Station "Two Highways" (Grammy Finalist-Bluegrass Album of the Year 1989, WON NAIRD Honorable Mention-Bluegrass Album of the Year 1989, Bluegrass Album of the Year Robert Oermann The Tennessean, Finalist IBMA Album of the Year 1990, Song "Two Highways" Finalist IBMA 1990 Song of the Year)


Bela Fleck "Drive"

(Grammy Finalist - Bluegrass Album of the Year 1988)


Bela Fleck "Inroads"

(Grammy Finalist - 1987)


Bela Fleck "Double Time"


Bela Fleck "Deviation"


*Claire Lynch "Friends for a Lifetime"


*Claire Lynch "Moonlighter"

(Grammy Finalist - Bluegrass Album of the Year 1996)


Edgar Meyer "Dreams of Flight"


Edgar Meyer "Love of a Lifetime"


Edgar Meyer "Unfolding"


Maura O'Connell "Helpless Heart"

(Grammy Finalist - 1990 - Contemporary Folk Recording)


Maura O'Connell "Western Highway"


Maura O'Connell "Just In Time"

(Multi Platinum 2 Cuts on Irish album release)


Russ Barenberg "Moving Pictures"


Robert Earl Keene "West Textures"


*Glen Duncan & Larry Cordell & Lonesome

Standard Time

(Grammy Finalist 1992 Bluegrass Album of the Year, Song of the Year IBMA 1993)


Leon Redbone "No Regrets"

(WON Best Country Album - NAIRD 1988)


Peter Rowan & The Nashville Bluegrass Band

"New Moon Rising"

(Country Album of the Year 1991 NAIRD,

Grammy Finalist Bluegrass Album of the Year 1988,

Country Album of the Year 1991 NAIRD)


Tim O'Brien "Odd Man In"

(Finalist IBMA 1990 "Album of the Year")


Nashville Bluegrass Band "Idle Time"


Nashville Bluegrass Band "My Native Home"


Nashville Bluegrass Band "The Boys Are Back

In Town"


Nashville Bluegrass Band "Home of the Blues"

(WON Vocal Group of the Year IBMA 1990, Grammy    Finalist 1990 Bluegrass Recording, Finalist IBMA Album of the Year 1992, Finalist IBMA Instrumental Recording of the Year 1992 "New Democracy" & "Old Dangerfield," Finalist IBMA Entertainer of the Year 1992, WON IBMA Vocal Group of the Year 1992, Finalist IBMA Instrumental Group of the Year 1992,

WON IBMA Song of the Year 1992 "Blue Train")


Stuart Duncan "Stuart Duncan"

(WON IBMA Instrumental Recording of the Year 1993, Grammy Finalist 1993 "Best Bluegrass Album")


Ralph Stanley "Saturday Night & Sunday Morning"

(Won IBMA Recorded Event of the Year 1993, Grammy Finalist 1993 "Best Bluegrass Album," Grammy Finalist 1993 "Best Bluegrass Gospel Album," Grammy Finalist 1993 "Country Vocal Collaboration" (Miners Prayer with Dwight Yoakam)


Douglas, Meyer, Barenberg "Hop, Skip and Wobble"

(Acoustic Album of the Year 1993 NAIRD,

WON IBMA Instrumental Album of the Year 1994)


Sweethearts of the Rodeo "Rodeo Waltz"

(Country Album of the Year 1993 NAIRD)


Del McCoury "Deeper Shade of Blue"

(WON IBMA Album of the Year 1994,

Grammy Finalist 1995 “Bluegrass Album of the Year)”


Clive Gregson "This Town"”


*Saturday Night Shuffle "Tribute to Merle Travis"


John McEuen "String Wizards"


*Peter Rowan "Dust Bowl Children"

(WON "Best Folk Recording" NAIRD 1991

WON "Best Cover Design" NAIRD 1991)


Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver "My Heart Is Yours"


Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver "Hymn Time In

the Country"

(WON Best Gospel Album - NAIRD 1988)


Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver "The News is Out"

(WON Album of the Year 1987 SPBGMA)


Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver "I Heard the

Angles Singing"

(WON Album of the Year 1989 SPBGMA,

WON NAIRD "Gospel Album of the Year" 1989, Finalist IBMA "Album of the Year 1990,"

WON "Song of the Year IBMA 1990"

"Little Mountain Churchhouse")


*Fox Brothers "Recipes for Living"

(Finalist TNN/Music City News 1992,

"Gospel Group of the Year," WON "Country Group of the Year" The Voice 1992, WON "Christian Country Group of the Year" The Voice 1993,

Single: Each Step I Take" No. 1 Cashbox

Single: Mamas Daily Bread No. 1 Cashbox

Super Country Gospel Group of the Year 1993)


*Fox Brothers "Brothers In Motion"

(WON "Country Group of the Year" 1991 The Voice single- Somebody To Believe In - Summer 1990

TOP 5, Randy Fox WON Male Vocalist 1990 Gospel Voice Awards, Fox Brothers Nominated "Group

of the Year")


*Fox Brothers "Musical Warriors"

(Top 10 Singles in trades, 1 Gospel & #2 indi & #45 Country - CASH BOX "Carry On Children" WON "Horizon Award")


Amy Grant/Flecktones "Creation" Rabbitt Ears

(Grammy Finalist 1995 Childrens Words & Music Album)


Laurie Lewis "True Stories"


Laurie Lewis "Love Chooses You"

(WON Country Album of the Year-NAIRD 1989,

49th Best Album of the Year Robert Oermann

The Tennessean Style Section

Saturday December 23,1989


David Grier "Lone Soldier"


Linda & Robin Williams

"All Broken Hearts Are the Same"

(WON Best Folk Album -NAIRD 1988)


Kikki Danielsson "Midnight Sunshine"

(Multi Platinum and Gold)


Bluegrass Album Band VI

(WON IBMA Instrumental Album of the Year 1997)


Marty Robbins "Legend"


Marty Robbins "With Love"


Co-Produced the sound tracks for the feature films: RAJIN' CAJUN /OUTLAW FORCE /



*David Parmley "I Know A Good Thing"


Webb Wilde "It Came From Nashville"


Mike Stevens "Mike Stevens"

(Album of the Year 1990 Canada BMO)

Many other albums at allmusic.com

enter Bil VornDick